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Backpacker Treks and Expedition has been involved in the sector of tourism in Nepal for the past many years. The company has been providing the services of travel and tour packages for prospective travelers, domestic and foreigners, for quite some time now. We have been providing quality services to our clients and we intend to continue doing so in the coming years too as we want to contribute our best efforts in transforming Nepal as the best tourist destination in the world. We boast of dedicated and experienced team personnel who have been involved in this field for many years and who make sure that they dispatch quality services to their clients. Some of the travel packages available through our company are quite unique ones which take you to some of the unknown and unexplored places of Nepal. The itineraries are full of adventure which will help you a long way in knowing and exploring country Nepal well than others. Also, there are opportunities to learn about the ethnic and indigenous cultures prevalent in the rural areas of Nepal through trekking and tour. Besides the quality services and other benefits, we provide the services in relatively cheaper prices as our primary intention is to satisfy our clients and earn their respect and trust.

We encourage you to come and avail the services of Nepal Backpacker Treks and Expedition Private Limited, and embark in the journey of exploring this beautiful country called Nepal. We assure you that your Nepal sojourn will be memorable and will leave no stones unturned in our effort to please our clients with supreme quality and heartwarming hospitality.

Welcome to Backpacker Treks and Expedition Private Limited and thank you for showing your interest in our company.

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