Flight Delays and cancellation

The mere reason for the delays and the cancellation of the flight is mainly due to the climatic variability and hard terrain. The unusual blinding fog, heavy rainfall and strong winds could also results in flight delays or sometimes cancellation. The major timings for the chances of flight delay and cancellation occurrences are in winter and rainy season. Another major reason is the technical difficulty because of the lack of instrumental landing system in Tribhuvan International Airport; the domestic flights are often delayed or cancelled.

January to the end of February is the bad time for the domestic flights in Nepal. There are monsoon flights in offer however it can also be cancelled because of heavy raining in and around the airport either in TIA or other local airports. In normal circumstances, there are no issues regarding the flight timings in Nepal either its domestic or international.

Flight delays and cancellation could abruptly hurt your travelling plan and itinerary while trekking in Nepal or holidaying in Nepal. Backpacker Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. highly recommends the tourists to have an extra day so that we could accommodate the itinerary even by the ground transportation. We always put the ground transportation or flight transportation as the option in case of this force majeure situation. Unfortunately for the Everest Base Camp Trekking the only viable gateway is Lukla Airport which itself is located in difficult terrain up there in mountain.

In the case that you don’t have an extra day for the trip then we can arrange for the helicopter charter flight to the destination which you have to cover from your travel insurance. We would do utmost best and coordinate to the fullest to serve this majestic land to the tourists even in harder circumstances. Pack your bags; Backpacker is here for trekkers.