Nepal is safe to Travel

The devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 the April 2015 creating lots of havoc in core areas of Nepal. This beautiful Himalayan nation endured the tragedies in terms of people and building. The lots of architectural and historical landmarks of the Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur got affected. The Manaslu circuit of the trekking in Nepal and Langtang region badly hurt as lots of people in the region lost their lives and the villages in the trekking trail washed away due to landslide & avalanche. The international community, as well as the government of Nepal, worked tirelessly to bring the life in Nepal back to normal. The re-building and renovation process is still going on however the affected trekking trails have been opened and its safe now to travel in these parts of the Nepal.

There is abundant trekking in Nepal opportunities ranging from the city, village to the upper snowcapped mountains. The Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Upper Mustang, Manaslu, and Langtang Trekking are the most famous trekking routes of Nepal. Other than Manaslu and Langtang region, other trekking regions were operating during the earthquake period as well. As recently, the Langtang and Manaslu region have been opened and declared safe to travel by the government of Nepal. The people of Langtang region has presented the open invitation to the people across the globe citing that their place is open and safe to visit. It should be noted that slogan of “We will Rise Again from Ashes” has really united people of Nepal. The hospitality level has increased even higher than before.

For your vacation in Nepal, the purpose of a visit has increased after the earthquake. Apart from the usual trekking and tour in Nepal, the research work can be done in the effects of Earthquake in Nepal. British Prince Harry recently visited Nepal and he too urged the people across the globe to visit Nepal. Be it for the volunteering or for the leisure purpose, either way, your visit could be of higher importance as it would directly support the rebuilding process. Come witness the majestic naturally Nepal and join in our cause to rebuild this nation. Your small group adventure activities could have the huge impact in the lives of Nepalese people. Even in grief you will be amazed to see the smiling face of Nepalese people. We will rise again and we need your support for the cause. NEPAL IS SAFE TO TRAVEL.