When to go Nepal?

The enjoyment of trekking is the point at which you can trek with no blocks in the greatest climatic conditions getting favored with whatever nature brings to the offer you! Your trekking experience turns into the best when it is neither excessively hot nor excessively icy and you get the best perspectives of the captivating mountains in the rich environment. Bloom adds to your trekking background making your outing incredible. Here we separate four periods of a year clarifying their appropriateness for trekking in Nepal.


if you not afraid with cold the mountain views are near perfect and there are very few trekkers along the trails .add to it the fact that most large wildlife descend to lower valleys during this time and you have a near-perfect time to trek.


give the spring of arriving spring and they bloom from late February at the lower altitudes to July at about 5000m. The whole environment becomes vivid and vibrant with colorful flowers. The colorful rhododendron forests will leave you speechless as such April to may is the perfect time to see these flowers set the forest on fire. the sky is generally clear in the morning though a bit hazy and splendid mountain views are still possible.


Summer season is by and large not favored for trekking in Nepal as the monsoon starts with warm and damp air from the Indian Ocean. The rain makes the trails slippery. Indeed, even the skies are not clear. It is overcast and blue patches can be seen from the clouds. The rain, mud,sleeper way, leeches and unclear mountain sees make this fall not very great for trekking.

4.Autumn season(oct-dec)

This season is the exceptionally favored and an ideal period for trekking in Nepal. The climate is dry, steady and clear. In this season; you will be showered with every single excellence of Nepal. From the reasonable perspectives of the marvelous mountains, streams, waterfalls to rich slopes and woodlands, you can taste each part of Mother Nature in its best frame in the moderate temperature condition.