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Ghale Guan – Home stay in Nepal

Posted by: Backpacker Treks & Expedition   Posted Date: June 28, 2016

Ghale Guan – Home stay in Nepal

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Ghale gaun offers you a typical Nepali village experience at 2070M Above sea level in Lamjung; it is gaining popularity among domestic and international tourists alike. It is also ranked second in the home stay competition just after sirubariin syangja. Ghale Gaun lies on the trekking route of the Annapurna Circuit. Ghale Gaun will take your breath away with its magnificent panoramic view of the seven peaks Machhapuchre , Annapurna ,Lumjung ,Manaslu ,Himchuli,Nalichuli,(Dr.Harka Gurung )and Buddha Himal.The village is blessed with beautiful green hills and towering Mountains. It comes to life at sunrise and if you’re lucky and the weather permits you’ll see the Shanti Stupa of Pokhara .


People and culture.

The village welcomes your whole heartedly. Women greet you with a tika and garlands and usher you in to their homes. They will take care of you and treat you as family member. The inhabitants of the village are Gurungs; culturally rich people. They leave no stone unturned to showcase their culture. Traditional customs are still followed during birth; marriage and death. The villagers until to celebrate religious festival with pomp and show. They play various musical instruments and perform cultural dances such as jyaure, serka dohori, ghatu, sorathi decked up in their traditional attire which is an enriching experience.


Food and drink

Most villagers are landowners and grow seasonal vegetables in their fields. Vegetables such as potatoes,carrots,radish,green vegetables,cabbage,cauliflower,core,tusa,kurilo,neuro,sisno and many more crops are grown in the fields. If you want to relish a typical village meal then try the kodo KO dhedo and sisnu KO dal which are worlds apart from the usual fare we're used to. Local alcohol like chyang and kodo KO raksi must be enjoyed at least once a lifetime.



Ghale guan is blessed with scenic beauty and has a lot to offer. From the view Tower, soak in spectacular views of the mountains village’s hills and rivers. Just a few mountains walk from the village, the tower provides a bird's eye view of the settlement below. Visit the museum to see relics from the gurung culture. You will find Gurung traditional attire, ancient bowls used by their ancestors many more items restored lovingly. About 10 minutes away from the village is tea plantation that provides Employment to many in the area. The Uttrkanya temple is another appealing attraction where the river flows from south to north. On maghe sangkranti the temple witnesses a throng of devotees from far flung places who arrive to pay homage to the deity.Bhujung, a well managed and systematically built village, is a two-hour hike away from Ghale Guan. The population is again largely Gurungs and the village also has a cluster of home stays. Many villagers here belong to the famed honey hunter clan.