wonderful journey to RaRa lake

Posted by: Resham Batala team member backpacker treks.   Posted Date: January 05, 2021

wonderful journey to RaRa lake

my wonderful  journey to rara lake direct from Kathmandu  (day one )

it was a great morning that we started the journey from Kathmandu for the beautiful lake rara. we took airplane from Kathmandu to nepaljung at 8AM before breakfast. During the flight from Kathmandu to nepaljung we can see many mountain range(langtang range, ganesh himal range, manaslu range, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri range include other small mountains range even which is I don’t know the name of those mountains )    all the way to nepaljung in our right sight my friend very excited to see the mountain from the airplane so I suggest him to sit in the right row of the airplane  I was with my one of the good friend. we tow include the other people who fly with us from Kathmandu  arrived almost an hour in nepaljung ( first I want introduction of the place that we arrived nepaljung. nepaljung is the one of the biggest city of Nepal which is located in mid- west Nepal at the tarai region of Nepal . it is also nice place to visit if you really wants to see flat land of Nepal you can choose to go. we have three king of land scape in the country one call Himalaya region another one is hilly region and tarai ( flat land) region nepaljung located in tarai region Nepal nearby border of the big country india south side has  and also located in  between birdiya national park and banke nation  park.)   we had breakfast at the beautiful  nepaljung nearby airport before the fly to talcha airport mugu which is near rara lake almost  11 am we are ready to fly to rara lake we can call adventure flight in a small aircraft like lukla we took flight from the napaljung to talcha  was a really scared for my friend because he were suffer in that kind of aircraft first time so he were really scared about to fly to rara lake I forced him to go oh! I’m not really scared of course I was excited to fly because I used many time that kind of aircraft during my work to Everest region trekking yes but I was excited for fly in the new land scape which call karnali one of the newest place for me it was nice weather when we fly to rara lake that’s why we arrived king of easy. we arrived in 5 hours to rara lake from the kathmandu valley indulude all the activities. 

We arrived without any problem in craft and my friend also did enjoying.  during the fly can see to many hills include beautiful mountain far from the windows of small aircraft also can see the Dhaulagiri range and Annapurna mountain range from the right side of  aircraft because of the good weather. We landed almost in noon 12 pm at the talcha airport and we had lunch over there nearby runway in local guest house I was really excited to have different kind of food from the karnali region (I have too many emotions with this word KARNALI.)  after lunch we took jeep to rara lake from talcha airport through in side of the RARA nation park.  In one hour we arrived beautiful place (shworga ki apsara) in nepali the beautiful lake RARA .

For other day and other information please wait  another blog.