Trekking in Nepal - "life is a daring adventure or nothing" –Helen Keller

Posted by: Backpacker Treks & Expedition   Posted Date: June 16, 2016

Trekking in Nepal - "life is a daring adventure or nothing" –Helen Keller

Trekking in Nepal -

Life can be harsh by routine and schedule. the monotony of life scientifically inactivates many refreshing cells and hormones that rejuvenate us. the enthusiasm level drops by inactivity, a person unknowingly leads life towards the mediocrity. Life is more than just the mediocrity and life is something special. it’s the perfect present presented to our physical being. the more we try the more we excel. talking about excellence and to raise life above mediocrity and enslavement of the system, the idea of exploration is the bliss. Traveling adds more attributes to our life. In traveling too trekking is the highest form that not only invigorates, also tests us to our limits. Test the determination, endurance and the will remained in our blood. And, of course, harness such attributes in a spiritual manner, touching to the soul.

Trekking is like meditation and can enlighten. so the question can arise where to trek? trek to the place where there is a life of all the natural things, treks to somewhere where every creature, soil, mountain, water provides something special to our life. Trek to somewhere where u see the diversification of people and the purity of people. being in such an energy field of innocent people and calm nature can create the resonance of positive energy through your soul, giving you the immense joy and happiness. Such place is very rare and Nepal is one of the most prominent destinations for trekking. Nepal lies on the lap of Himalaya, with a diversification of people, unquestionable natural beauty and the home of much rare and important flora, herbs and fauna. such a rare combination of natural beauty, uniqueness and spiritual is very hard to find and Nepal has been immensely blessed. Trek in Nepal and feel the world of divinity in it. It gives us the hope and vigor in our life. The trek provides to explore the uniqueness of Nepal and then in return you feel nothing. the emptiness resides,joining all those delicates synapses in the brain and make you feel nothing and that nothing, that peace is the eternity. Trekking in Nepal takes you towards one step towards the world of eternity.